Link Love //A peek into my randomness

{image} My life is in an odd limbo at the moment. I’m waiting to begin a photography internship in SC, but at the same time I’m trying to live life as normal here in Baltimore for another week. Whenever I find myself at the edge of something new, my mind is always buzzing with a […]

Breakfasts on the Go

As seen on the Relay Foods Blog! Many of us have made New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier and have made a lot of changes to our meals and snacks as a result, but have we taken a good look at our breakfast routine, the first thing to get tossed out the window when we’re […]

How to make goals you’ll actually keep + some big news

Here I am over half-way through the first month of this new year and still feeling unprepared to walk through the coming weeks and months. My goals are still undefined and nebulous, and my reading list could use a whole lot more thought. But I’m not losing sleep over it, and that’s a big deal for […]

My Word for 2015: GRACE

  I stand at the table and roll out dough, flour dusting the surface, the floor, my nose. My hands pick up the pace as I catch sight of the time, “Christmas” pressing in on my thoughts, a million “to dos” rushing for my attention. I pop yet another scrap of dough past my conscience […]

Christmas Breakfast: Pomegranate Dutch Pancake

Holiday mornings with all the presents, scattered wrapping paper, dinner prep, and travels to Grandma’s house can be wonderfully packed full of awesome craziness and busy hands. And having a quick, easy, filling, and festive breakfast can be key to helping the day go more smoothly. This protein, egg rich dutch pancake studded with pomegranate arils […]

Natural Christmas Crafts for Kids

Photography done for Relay Foods Christmas crafts with children is a way to slow down in a hurried season, to sit and create with those most special to us, to observe their process, to see their hearts being worked out with their hands, their creativity being made into something tangible and concrete. It’s where memories […]

Day 12: The Herb Garden Soaps Giveaway

12 days. 12 shops. 12+ hard working women. And 12 dreams. That’s what this series has been about, making their talents and efforts known, encouraging small business support, and showcasing jobs well done. I’ve had a blast introducing each and every one, and today is no different. For our final feature I give you, The […]

Day 11: e&e home decor giveaway

Can I just say how thankful I am for each and every one of you? I set out to promote and support 12 small businesses and hard working women this Christmas, to share their stories, applaud their efforts, and showcase their talents, and you all have responded so kindly and supportively! Thank you for sharing […]

Day 10: Phoebe Flock Giveaway

Let me introduce you to Joanna, enthusiastic momma and inspiring creative from Greenville, SC. She’s the kind of gal that will change your life in one conversation. I’ll never forget her words about bold and gracious motherhood followed by her wisdom on creativity and freedom she shared with me over my first cup of loose […]

Day 9: Hey There Design Giveaway

  Ladies and gentlemen (wait, are there any guys that read this blog?), I give you the talented, creative, generous, long-suffering designer of my new logo, Jordan Boesch! No really, there’s a thread of 58+ emails in my inbox of us going back and forth over the perfecting of my logo. The fact that she stuck […]