I have just the breakfast treat to get you , peanut butter granola with dark chocolate chips and chopped, toasted almonds! Oh, and did I forget to mention the maple syrup?! Seriously, pin this real quick because you’ll want to whip this up as soon as possible. I took the whole batch with me on a family […]


Hello. My name is Susanna. I’m 27 years old, and I’ve never been to a public beach. Until last week, that is. Shocking, I know. Beaches just have never been my thing. I’m more of a mountains and rivers kinda gal. But when my mom and sisters suggested a day trip to the beach during […]


A year ago I timidly updated my social media profiles to include the label of “photographer”, feeling like a total hypocrite hiding behind her online accounts and DSLR camera. The self-awarded title felt so fake and meaningless; so I attempted to rework my wording to fit the description “amateur” into the allotted character count, but […]


I’ve had a lot of fun linking up with Julie of On Neutral Ground this summer to share with you all why we love shopping at Trader Joe’s. I got to link up for sandwiches, salads, Indian, and now Party Snacks! For us we like to keep it classy and simple with a good cheese tray. I recommend any […]


Growing up as the oldest daughter in a family of seven kids, I was constantly retreating to the solitude of the 6-acres of woods and fields surrounding my family’s log cabin home in Michigan. The house had been a family project, constructed mainly by my dad and older brother, and it was a beauty. That […]


One of the reasons I really love my guy is that he lets me serve new and out of the ordinary things for dinner. Not only that, but he suggests, and even cooks, them himself sometime! One such dish was chana masala. Guys, he made it from scratch, and it has ranked among my favorite […]


I almost feel as though I should reintroduce myself, I’ve been away from blogging for so long. I’m sorry to have dropped off without warning, but I knew I’d change my mind if I delayed. I knew because I’d dismissed the idea a hundred times before instead of just taking the time away I knew […]

Our Trader Joe's Shopping List

“Market to Menu” is a blog series in which I share one local vendor and/or product along with a weekly menu to encourage local support, build community, and inspire creativity.  || M    A    R    K    E    T ||  We absolutely love shopping local, but because we are still trudging through […]


When I first started this blog, I dreamt about using it to promote the things and people I love, and today I get to do just that. I’ve teamed up with the bloggers featured above to bring you guys a great giveaway. Just click on their pictures to say hello and discover some really beautiful […]


The Summer with Trader Joe’s Link Up is back with a week of salads! Hope you got to try one of those delicious SANDWICH recipes from last week. Turning on the oven during the summer is not my favorite. Generally I’ll endure the heat for a nice pie or batch of cookies, but otherwise, it’s […]