Weekend Recap


Just a quick recap of our weekend since I am on my way to enjoy 13 lovely days with my family in SC!

{1} wardrobe. Was referred to Thred up by a fellow blogger, and now I’m referring you! Great consignment selection for mommas and their kiddos. Scored a deal for Ali and it came in time for our trip!

{2} evening walks. I’m loving the city for these just-before-dusk, almost-fall-weather walks. The “castles”, as Aletheia calls the ornate row homes, create stunning silhouettes in the evening light.

{3} fresh market. Our idea of a good time is browsing fancy grocery stores and splurging on out of the ordinary items, light hazelnut cream coffee {for Dr. Hub’s} and fresh Atlantic salmon.

{4} daughter date. We try to take Ali out on “dates.” These usually involve a treat of some kind, and she’s come to expect it at this point. I think we need to broaden her concept of the activity so she’s not stuck on ice cream for the rest of her life. Currently though, frozen yogurt has been our go to, and she’s quite pleased.

{5-7} city life. Many Baltimore residents are dog owners, and this makes it so we don’t have to be. Because the many Baltimore residents who are dog owners are also very friendly and welcoming of toddler puppy love. Thank goodness! After our frozen yogurt date we browsed the city, and I studied the structures and began dreaming of the day I have some time to myself to simple stroll the streets and photograph the wide variety of character filled architecture.

{8} friends. We’re surrounded by them here. We couldn’t be more blessed by the generosity and kindness of our new church community here, both for us and Ali. Sunday lunch was spent with just such people, sharing our stories of grace, learning those quirky and unique things about each other that end up endearing people to you even more. Lovely.

{9} all packed. By the time this is published, I’ll have already landed in South Carolina. My mom is going to pick us up, and Aletheia is simply bursting from excitement. I tried recording her reaction when I told her of our pending adventure tomorrow. Just as the reality that we were going to be getting on a train and a plane tomorrow began to dawn on her sweet 2-year-old imagination, she stood up with joy and fell right off her seat, greeting the kitchen tile floor with her curly haired head. All celebration and merriment was postponed until after aforementioned injury was thoroughly kissed and she had been completely comforted.

Next post coming at ya from South Carolina! If following instagram adventures is your kinda thing, you can find ours chronicled under #motherdaughteradventure2013!

Any end-of-the-summer vacationers out there? What’s on your bucket list?

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