Summer’s End

I’m not one to wake before the sun rises, before my daughter rises even. I dream of being “alive at five” on a regular basis one day, but for now, I usually wait to bid sleep farewell until Aletheia’s little feet coming running across the apartment from her room to ours and jumps in bed with me for some warm morning snuggles. This lasts approximately 3 minutes before she predictably turns to me and says, “Mom, I’m hungry. Can you get me some breakfast?” But they’re a treasured 3 minutes, and I usually stretch them out a couple minutes longer by distracting her with kisses and tickles. She climbed in bed the other morning and slipped under the covers next to me, her feet tucked in close to my legs. “She’s getting longer”, I think to myself. “Brrrrr! Colder too”, I react in response to her cold piggies touching my skin. Cold feet, a sure sign that the season is changing and Summer has faded away.

After a long and difficult first year in residency, our summer was a welcome and much needed reprieve as Daniel’s hours at the hospital normalized for the season, and we enjoyed some vacation time together. As I look through photos, I feel so blessed by the time we enjoyed and the experiences we had. So before the memories fade as time pulls us along, I want to name the moments and add them to my little online chronicle.


//cousin time in Williamsburg, VA with my side of the family, jumping on the bed and stealing kisses from baby Kaylin.


//walking through Williamsburg’s botanical garden with my mom and her pointing out the artistic compositions in the landscape, asking me to capture them for her art class.


//my and Aletheia’s first trip to a public beach and her experiencing what it’s like to get buried in the sand by her aunties.


//twirling with my daughter along the shore.


//feeling silly and free with all my sisters.


//not wanting to leave the water.


//Saturday morning cartoons, sharing the same chair and love for baby Einstein.


//visiting Jamestown with my family and Aletheia so attached to her Mimi.


//our trip to the cape while vacationing in Boston.


//her bravery and adventurous spirit while clamoring across a row of boulders out onto open water.


//tickles and giggles on the lawn at Fort McHenry while waiting for the air show.


//watching the blue angels with my husband, fulfilling one of his boyhood dreams of seeing them in action, Aletheia plugging her ears and clinging tight to Daddy as they soared overhead.

I’ll give a fuller account of our trip to Boston later, along with a bucket list of things I recommend for visiting the city, but I didn’t want any more time to slip by without recording these happy times. Happy Monday readers!


  1. Teresa says:

    Love these recaps! They’re like a snipped of life well lived. AND Aletheia’s face in that picture with your sisters is priceless!

    • Susanna says:

      Oh, that’s definitely one of my favorite faces she does 😉 Love her little errrrrr . . . big . . . personality!

  2. I agree with Teresa, Aletheia’s face is amazing in that photo!

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