Deja Vu


As the second oldest of 7 kids, I had the fun of welcoming each subsequent sibling home after birth, and, with the exception of my immediate younger sister, I remember the moment I met each one. My parents placed a big emphasis on home life, encouraging us to make each other our closest friends and never to exclude anyone from anything we were doing. I always found it frustrating when they’d remind me how much I’d enjoy having siblings for best friends later in life right as I was about to make a run for it, hoping to avoid any tagalongs on my escapes to the woods.


And quite frankly, I don’t remember there being many occasions when I’d look at a drooling toddler or meddling middle schooler and think to myself, “Oh yeah, they’re gonna make for some great company one day.” Because like most pre-teens, I was short-sighted and selfish. But my parents continued to nudge, continued to remind, and continued to assure me that one day, these crazy kids around me, even the ones in poopy diapers that I had to change, would be among the closest and dearest of people to me if I would take the time to invest in those relationships.


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And of course, they were right. There are few people I count as precious to me as my sisters and brothers. They have become the best friends I have or could ever want, even though I abandoned them on many outdoor adventures when I was younger. They’re a real forgiving, good-hearted bunch, I tell ya.

The youngest pair are in 12th and 9th grade, and it’s making me feel ever so old and nostalgic. Because not only are they 10 and 13 years younger than me, but they are {nearly} the exact reproduction of me and my immediate younger sister. For some reason, God thought it would be a good idea to do that to my parents all over again, and I’m not sure why, but it seems like they got a tamer pair this go-around. It’s a good thing too since Mom and Dad are so much older now and probably couldn’t handle the same dose of crazy.

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It’s like watching yourself grow up all over again, all the same fears, dreams, circumstances, quarrels, smiles, and tears. And it’s the scariest, most amusing thing I’ve ever experienced. A decade changes your perspective on life, on all those crazy things your parents promised you were true, and now I’m the one urging them to make the most of this time, to confide in one another, to be the best friend the other sister needs.


These two are blessed with a lot better sense than I had because they’re already doing just that. Not only are they already strong sister-friends to each other, but they are some of my favorite people, most trusted confidants, and best laughing buddies. Strong work Mom and Dad. You did good.



  1. tricia segar says:

    Love this so much…all except for the “MOM AND DAD ARE MUCH OLDER NOW!” HAHA! So precious to see my beauties so captured in a perfectly coordinating backdrop. I do remember those lectures. 😉

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