Behind the Blog Scenes: Template Resources and Logo Design

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Just before Thanksgiving my blog got a glamorous makeover. When everything was polished up, I seriously could not stop staring at my web page. It was like I had gotten a fabulous new haircut and kept “accidentally” catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Instead of keeping all the secrets of how I went about getting my new look to myself, I thought I’d share the process with you!

I set out with very clear goals in mind. PINTEREST has helped me with this so much because I’ve slowly begun to see my style develop and sharpen over time. I set up a BLOGGING board, one for TYPE, and another one for DESIGN. From browsing, I decided I wanted a brushed type logo and a minimalistic, clean lined blog design, with floating header, post previews, and simple sidebar. When I got a clear sense of what I wanted my brand and style to be, I started looking for the right WordPress template. I started searching in the template designs already offered within the host site and spent hours looking for just the right one. Alas, I didn’t find a single thing that made my heart sing. I then turned to good ole’ Google and began sifting through the internet for something that would catch my eye. While there were a few things that could have worked, the process was so overwhelming that I felt my sense of direction becoming muddled and confused. Finally I used the search tool on Pinterest and came across the lovely designs of Mina and Jess. As soon as I saw their “Poppy” design, I shrieked as if I had struck gold. Seriously, I had been searching for so incredibly long that finding something that fit exactly what I had wanted was like striking a treasure chest after a long hard dig in the cold, dry dirt.

Corresponding with them was delightful and any question I asked they had an answer for. And because they can install the theme on your blog for you for a small extra fee, I didn’t have to hassle with any code or mess. And I like that. I like that a lot. Mina installed the Poppy theme for me and added in customizations that I requested, like changing the color of the type, and adding in my custom logo and social media icons (from Jordan, who I’ll talk about in a minute).

template designs for WordPress

Mina and Jess have recently launched a whole new set of wordpress themes, and I am already planning my next makeover. Because, you guys, they are gorgeous! I’m a bit bummed I hadn’t seen these first! Go check out their SHOP if you’re in the market for fresh, clean web designs! You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram!



My artistic logo and social media icons are the work of the talented Jordan Boesch. I don’t believe there is a mortal more patient than she, because I really put her to the test by requesting tweaks and adjustments here and there, and she happily made revisions for me until I was absolutely satisfied. Isn’t the logo marvelous? As you can tell, I’m a big fan!

I hope these resources are helpful to you! I know I’ve benefitted so much when other bloggers have shared similar things, and it’s my goal to do the same for you all! Happy blogging!


  1. that IS super helpful. thanks for sharing your process and what worked for you. your site is lovely!!!

  2. Jordan says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! You were awesome to work with and one of my favorite logos I’ve ever worked on! I’ll definitely be saving the blog designers as a resource…your design is stunning! 🙂


    • Susanna says:

      Thank you! I’m so glad you like how the layout of everything turned out. And thanks so much for giving me one of the best logos ever 😀

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