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I deleted my personal Facebook account a couple weeks ago and have been so happy with that decision ever since. Social media was becoming far too much for me, so I decided to simplify. Ever since I went through with it, I’ve been calling people more, texting people, and actually reading blogs, blog reading something I don’t do (gasp!) a whole lot of. It’s been fun to remember why I love this blogging community and why I continue to blog myself. Here are a few blogs and articles I’ve been enjoying lately!

// 5 Things I Learned from Kara Tippetts. Christa shares her response to reading The Hardest Peace by Kara Tippetts. If you haven’t read Kara’s story on her blog, you really should. Her heart for living life well and dying well was a brave and beautiful one. I really appreciate Christa sharing her thoughts about Kara’s book, inspiring me and others to learn from this wise women’s life lived well.

// Triple Lemon Naked Layer Cake with Edible Flowers. If you’ve been following my blog for even a week or two, you’ll get the idea that I like food, delicious food, well photographed, delicious food to be exact. 😉 And Erica has that in high supply on her little web space, so I love keeping up with her work. Her lemon cake with edible flowers looks divine! It’s really a work of art, one that I would have had so much fun photographing (and eating) myself!

// Beautifully Brave – A Tribute to Moms. Shalene writes a beautifully moving piece, encouraging moms to fully realize and embrace the sacredness and dignity of their calling. She’s an inspiring writer and photographer, and one that I have truly loved following.

// Why is Baltimore Rioting and How Can We Help? Ok, so Joel isn’t one of my favorite bloggers, simply because he isn’t really a blogger. He’s my pastor. But his article describing and explaining the Baltimore riots was extremely well done and one that I thought should definitely be shared. So many people have said very unkind and naive things about the people of Baltimore to me in the last couple weeks, knowing that I’m from there and feeling as though I’d agree. Joel does a great job of holding justice and compassion in balance in his writing, and I would love for those wanting to understand more to read what he has to say.

// Basic Beans & Bacon. Nicole is a sweetheart of a blogger. I enjoy her light hearted approach to life and care and concern for others. She shares meaningful encouragement, recipes, and inspiration over at Today is My Favorite. I thought this recipe she posted most recently looked like it would be fun to try!

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  1. Kara’s story is so beautiful. Her book is now going in my book queue.

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