Link Love: Current Media Choices

// Blessed to Bless. This sermon met me in a dark and lonely place this week and completely turned my spirit around. I highly recommend it if you’re feeling weighed down with guilt or fear. Peter Hubbard does an excellent job of pointing the listener back to the well-spring of the Christian life, the Source of true blessing.

// Not in My Neighborhood. I’m nearing the end of this book and am super glad I picked it up. It tells the detailed history of how fear, greed, bigotry, and events shaped the city of Baltimore, where I live. It’s fascinating, heartbreaking, revealing, and inspiring. I plan to follow up the read with some books on how to engage current culture and influence change. I’m under no illusion that I’ll somehow change the world, but I can certainly make a difference on my neighborhood block.

// Selma. In a similar vein to Not in My Neighborhood, this movie told the story of the historical and revolutionary event that took place in Selma, Alabama during the days of Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s a gut-wrenching watch, but it was really helpful in making me realize just how recent racial hate and abuse was, how the effects still linger and influence current events.

// The Roosevelts. This is has been a delightful and educational documentary that I’ve been slowly working my way through. I watch 15-30 minutes here and there and enjoy learning about the life and work of Theodore, Franklin, and Eleanor Roosevelt, how their lives were intertwined, how they shaped history and changed America forever. They’re inspiring people, but you learn about their successes right alongside their failures, giving you a sense of their humanity and every day struggle. If you’re a nerd like me, you’ll definitely find this narrative extremely captivating. You can watch it for free on Amazon Prime!

// Burnt Toast. This is a recent discovery, a podcast by the founders of Food52 of casual conversations about cookbooks, strange food, culinary careers, and the like. It’s a light listen that I enjoy during dinner prep when I don’t mind being interrupted with questions by my 4-year-old.

What about you? What are you reading/ listening to/ watching lately?

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  1. Ken Burns is an amazing documentarian. I haven’t seen all of the Roosevelts and I’m about halfway through his recent one on cancer.

  2. Lauren says:

    Ever since we attended North Hills 8 years ago, Peter Hubbard has always been our standard for preaching. We’ve never found anyone quite like him! I’ll have to listen to this sermon–sounds like I could use it!

    • Susanna says:

      We feel the same way. He really is so gifted. NHCC sermons are pretty much my favorite episode of anything to enjoy each week. 😀

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