Simple Meals that are Toddler Approved

Simple Meals that are Toddler Approved

Several years ago I realized I was overworking myself when it came to preparing 4 course dinners every night. Not only was I worn out from it, but our budget was over-stretched, we were eating more food than we really needed, and our evenings weren’t as relaxed and family focused as they could be.

So I started introducing “simple meals” and nobody starved or objected. In fact, they’re some of my 4-year-old’s favorite meals. Yes, we eat spaghetti, breakfast for dinner, and tacos plenty throughout the month, but these meals are a nice break from ordinary.

These meals are great for having friends over for lunch, for giving yourself a night off from heavy cooking, for date night when you’re leaving the kids with a babysitter, or for getting a balanced meal when you’ve had cereal for dinner one-too-many-times in a row. Because that’s happened to me. That’s happened to me a lot.

Simple Meals that are Toddler Approved Simple Meals that are Toddler ApprovedSimple Meals that are Toddler Approved

Meal Option 1 (pictured) 

Thickly sliced, uncured salami 

Baguette, sliced, toasted, and brushed with olive oil

Honey ricotta for spreading on baguette 

Fresh fruit 

Raw nuts 

Meal Option 2 

Goat cheese, plain, with herbs, or drizzled in honey 


Fresh fruit 

Raw nuts 

Meal Option 3 

Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend (a mixture of Israeli couscous, orzo, split baby garbanzo beans, and quinoa) 

Diced chicken seasoned with Cavender’s 


Fresh, thickly sliced cucumbers (for serving on the side) 

Cook harvest blend according to package directions and chicken until no longer pink. Toss the cooked grains and chicken together in a bowl with a bit of olive oil, and sprinkle with feta. Serve with cucumbers.

Meal Option 4

Store bought rotisserie chicken 

Sliced cheese 

Fresh fruit and/or veggies 


Dark Chocolate, for dessert 

Refer to THIS blog post for additional ideas! 

Simple Meals that are Toddler Approved


  1. Kirstie says:

    These are my kids favorite sorts of meals. They’d much rather have this than things that are “mixed.” One of our favorites is a salad of boiled potatoes and par-boiled green beans with a classic french dressing of garlic, dijon mustard, oil and vinegar, a loaf of good bread, and little goodies to choose from- hard boiled eggs, slices of salami and cheese (smoked salmon for an extra special treat), cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, whatever I happen to have on hand. Everyone adores it.

    • Susanna says:

      Yes! I don’t know why more moms don’t do this! It’s so simple and so well liked by kids. The fact that things aren’t “mixed” gets big points with Aletheia too 🙂

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